Bespoke: PPC interactive farm visit

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Client: The Environment Agency

Date: June 2007

Platform: Environment Agency LMS
(Learning Management System)

Launch case study

Portfolio example 1


The brief here was to look at DEFRA’s ‘Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations’ and train Environment Agency officers on what the latest regulations are for pig and poultry farming. We had to turn these rather weighty regulations into an engaging on-line training course that gave the user a good grounding in the regulations. This brief was not just about building a training program, but also writing and refining the content for that program.


Our initial approach was to examine the regulations and determine what the most important elements were that needed to be extracted. Working with subject experts within the Agency, the content for the training module started to take shape. Once the subject areas had been defined it was easy to build up a picture of the key areas that staff needed training on. This approach allowed us to come up with a strong engaging solution.


Our solution was based on the subject being broken up into individual elements of a farm which needed to be compliant with the regulations. With this in mind, the interactive 3d farm was created, with each subject topic being an encounter on the farm and each topic consisting of a number of activities. One solution for engaging the user on a particular topic was to allow them to view a 3d model within which there were many deliberate mistakes. Each element was dealt with in turn and the user would be given knowledge and gentle testing about each characteristic which, once complete, would appear correct on the 3d model.