Video class: Contaminant fate and transport

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Client: The Environment Agency

Date: August 2010

Platform: Environment Agency LMS
(Learning Management System)

Launch case study

Portfolio example 1


To look at face to face training and design a more cost effective solution that has a similar impact, but with a longer shelf life and the ability to reach a wider audience. This would be especially important when considering the recent government budget cuts.


Our approach was to look at both current face to face training and online courses, to see if there was a way of combining the two in a way that could work on a standard LMS (learning management system).


Our solution was to combine a presenter on video with interactivity and animation, in an on-line course that could be downloaded and run from a standard desktop machine. The course combined the most engaging elements of both face-to-face and multi-media courses by careful storyboarding and planning. A presenter was then filmed on a blue screen with a carefully directed script. The film shots were imported into compositing software where they were edited with graphics and animation. This gave the impression that the presenter was actually next to the on-screen graphics and was talking directly to the viewer. The video class was also intermixed with interactive choices and quizzes and also external video scenes that were shot on location where appropriate.