e-learning solutions

  • Rapid e-learning
  • Bespoke
  • Video class

Rapid e-learning

With use of our own management system based template, information is organised into a Role, Topic, association. Courses are produced very quickly and cost effectively. Content is easily updated and maintained.


Working with the subject experts, bespoke solutions are created to fit exact requirements, budgets and content structure.

Video class

With use of professional presenters, and multi-media tools, subject material is storyboarded, then shot onto a blue screen for virtual interaction between the user and the presenter.

Leaning management System

IOD offers its own LMS for users to host courses and training products, SCORM and non SCORM can be hosted in a safe and secure environment.

For more information on any of the above solutions, please contact one of our advisers.

Tel: 01243 377781
email: info@ioutsidedesign.co.uk

Instructional design

At Inside Outside Design, we believe in producing clear, concise, easy-to-use and well-designed e-learning material that communicates intended learning messages effectively. Working with subject matter experts, we’re experienced in taking specialist information and applying a learning format that engages the user visually and interactively. This makes learning material more engaging and therefore easier to retain. We believe that a good training solution is one that creates a memorable and enjoyable experience for the user.

We don't believe that simply providing pages of text, occasionally interspersed with a graphic or video clip, equates to creative and successful e-learning. Our training material has accessible, engaging interactivity and is visually stimulating and attractive. It therefore serves as a far more efficient training solution.

Depending on the nature and intended use of the learning material, we use the most appropriate technology and are comfortable working in both HTML and Flash.

Our team includes instructional designers, technical experts and some of the best 3D modellers, graphic artists and animators, who draw from experience obtained in the communications and multimedia industries.

It’s our belief that innovative design and carefully considered content make good e-learning.

Delivery platforms:

  • CD/DVD
  • LMS (Learning management system)
  • Flash stick
  • World wide web